DIY Shutters

Please note that the shutters we received were part of an ad-pr product. You can use the code DUSTBRICKS25 until the 19th December 2020 to get 25% off your shutters and The Shutter Store.

For us, as soon as we walked into our dated 1930’s home and when we saw the beautiful bay window, we dreamt of having shutters one day. We knew we would have a lot of work to do before then, but the vision was there. I think wooden shutters offer the sense of opulence. Their clean, cut style and balance between privacy and creating light is perfect. The other great aspect is that you can opt for cafe style shutters or full height shutters. Cafe style shutters can be full height too but they open separately at the top and bottom. Because we have some lovely stained glass at the top of our windows, we wanted to showcase them. So we went for the cafe style shutters three quarters of the windows high. It’s also very private as you can’t see through our stained glass.

We spent 17 months living with Ikea paper blinds, which in all fairness, were a great temporary fix! If anyone needs something similar they’re called Schottis and they’re £3.50! You can cut them to size so really they should fit any space. Although, in our house, they lasted a little longer than we would have liked, they were also great because while we were renovating, we didn’t mind them getting dusty or dirty as they weren’t of any value.

The paper blinds that were temporary for 17 months!

Where to buy your shutters?

Choosing your shutters is a big research job. There are so many companies out there and a lot of them don’t give you a direct quote. We went to The Shutter Store Ltd because you get a direct quote once you put in your measurements. It is that easy! Once you submit your measurements, don’t feel overwhelmed because The Shutter Store are with you all the way. After you purchase your shutters, you will be asked to submit photographs of your windows and you’ll have a telephone consultation with the team. They’ll make sure your measurements are correct and that you’re getting the correct style for your window frames. They’ll also talk you through fitting them and answer any questions you have.

As much as we love our bay window, it’s a really awkward shape with 5 windows. The Vintage L frame is more common with curved bay windows because it screws straight into the window frame. However, we had an awkward uPVC trim on the windowsill, which meant that we had to have the shutter frames built out a little further. This also meant that we couldn’t drill into the window frames but the wall instead and then down into the windowsills. We ended up going for the Classic L frame. Luckily, The Shutter Store talked us through the whole process and made it really easy to understand. We actually found the whole process quite easy and that saying something because nothing is level in our 1930’s house! It took us about 3.5 hours in total. Obviously, this would be much quicker if this was done by a professional. The Shutter Store do have this option as a paid service, which might worth considering if you’re not comfortable fitting them yourself. Overall, we found the whole experience easier than we anticipated and we are absolutely in love with our shutters from The Shutter Store! It was worth having the temporary blinds up for 17 months!

Top Tips for Fitting

  1. Get window frame packers to make it easier to make all the frames level. These are useful for most DIY tasks.
  2. Ensure you have a good spirit level. Potentially, even two, as you need the frames to be as straight as possible.
  3. Start from one end and work your way round the window.
  4. Test fit all the frames before screwing them in properly.
  5. We test fitted the shutters in the frames too. Therefore, as we fitted each frame and before adding the next frame, we test fitted the shutter.
  6. Once you have test fitted the shutter, secure the frame tightly. We didn’t do this unfortunately and we left the screws loose (to tighten later). It then impacted on our positioning of the frames and took us longer to sort.
  7. It’ll probably be unlikely that you will have a uPVC trim like us. But if you do have to drill directly into the wall, we covered the screws using architraves. It’s completed the overall built in look.
  8. Caulk it! We use Wickes Decorators Caulk and have found this to be the best to use and it’s only £1. We caulked along the base of the frames and the windowsill. This covered any gaps and and packers that we had to use.
  9. We would recommend starting something like this early in the day. Therefore, if you run into any issues, you can pop to your local hardware store to pick up any supplies. We actually ran out of packers but thankfully we were able to get some from a nearby DIY shop.
  10. If you get stuck, just phone the team at The Shutter Store! They are more than happy to help!