Finders Keepers

When we got the keys to our home renovation, there was a lot of rubbish left. It was a bit annoying but we had already ordered a skip so it wasn’t the end of the world. However, we did find a few good things in our 1930’s home.

Shortly after getting the keys, we found a stuffed black bin bag under the stairs in the cupboard and when we lifted it up, there was a rattle. There was old carpet in there, random pieces of cutlery and loads of cocktail sticks from the 70s etc but we spotted a red box. We took it out and it was a cutlery set that the previous owner, Sylvia, had been given when she left a previous job for ‘5 years of service’. I don’t know why it was left behind. We know that the previous owners didn’t really have any family (the money from the sale was to be left to charities). But it was really lovely to know a little bit about the previous owners.

This was the bag we found the cutlery sets in.

We found out that Sylvia and Andrew had moved in before our neighbour and he has lived here for 50 years. They didn’t have any children and we also found out that Sylvia had Parkinson’s Disease and Andrew was her carer. When he passed away a few years ago, she went into a nursing home and, like her husband, she sadly passed away too. Unfortunately, that is all we know about them (as well as their love for wallpaper).

We’ve had these cleaned up and they’re in our kitchen cupboards. We think one is a soup set and one is a desert set. Either way, me being the sentimental person that I am, I know we’ll cherish these.

This was found in the attic.

There were a few bits and bobs in the attic – a wardrobe that someone must have actually assembled up there. An old metal dish rack that I loved but Nick apparently gave away! But we did find this magazine from 1937. We thought maybe a builder left it here as that was around when the house was built. You’ll be happy to know that we’ve actually framed this and it’s on our gallery wall. We’ve said that if we ever moved, we’ll leave it here as it is part of the house! Have you ever found anything interesting in your house?

The magazine in its frame.

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That cutlery set is amazing! We had some sort of car / railway track in our loft, the whole way around the edge, pretty cool!

How fantastic! I love that you framed the magazine and would leave it if you ever left. We didn’t find anything bin our house but I love seeing things that are left behind. If we ever leave here I’ll definitely hide things X

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