We are the renovation duo, Clara and Nick. We met in a tequila bar in Liverpool circa 2009 (classy – I know). After a decade of living and renting in many different places (Liverpool, Durham, Thailand, Wales), we decided to buy our very own house, here in South Wales. We said goodbye to magnolia walls and picked up our tools. We looked at lots of different houses to buy in and around our area. There were lots of new builds were being built nearby but we know the area we wanted to live in. It was suburban, tree lined, quaint and pretty. However, it was way out of our price range. Unbelievably, we got incredibly lucky and a house came up for sale in our price range. Of course, things aren’t always so simple! Yes, you’re right – it was a neglected, moldy, musty renovation that had been empty for 4 years (we only found that last bit out after we got the keys). Now, neither of us had dabbled in anything like this before. In fact, we didn’t even own a drill. Interestingly, it didn’t put us off. The saying is ‘buy the worst house on the best street’ and that’s what we did. So after 9 months of work, and a fairly successful Instagram page, we decided to set up this blog. We get lots of questions about what we have done with the house and we are always happy to help other renovators but we figured it would be nice to outline our plans in these pages to help other renovators. If we can do it, then you can do it!